TradingView - install custom indicators

In order to use our TradingView (TW) indicators, you will first need to send in your TW Username, so that we can grant you access. 

You should find the below form in the thank-you page after you purchase the indicator (please let us know via support AT if you can’t find the form). Please fill in your details (Email, TradingView Username and Phone Number).

If you don’t know your TradingView username, follow the instructions in this link: click here.

We will authorize your access to the indicator when we receive your details (the process may take up to ONE business day) . Once your access is granted, you will receive a notification email, similar to below.

Or you will see a notification when you log in your TradingView account, like this:

You can start using the indicator after receiving the email or seeing the notification, by following the 2-step process below:

Step 1: In TradingView, open a chart and select the “Indicators” tab 

Step 2: Go to “Invite-only Scripts” Tab, and select the indicator you just purchased. For example, we are installing  Divergence Solution indicator and Divergence Solution Panel in the screenshot below. 

The indicator is now added to your chart and is ready for use.


If you prefer watching videos...

Watch this video on how to add an invite-only scripts (that's what custom indicators in Tradingview are called) to your charts: